About the program

It is a program aimed at supporting and empowering entrepreneurs and innovators in the space sector in the Kingdom through the adoption and development of innovative ideas and projects in the space sector.

About the training camp

A training program to support 15 entrepreneurial projects spanning 21 days including workshops, interactive sessions, mentoring and guidance by experts in the space and entrepreneurship sector aimed at developing impactful entrepreneurial projects addressing sector challenges and contributing to its growth.

Goals and Outputs

  • Empowering entrepreneurs in the space sector.

  • Building impactful entrepreneurial projects in the sector.

  • Establishing partnerships and exchanging expertise in the space sector.

  • Preparing startups for the next stage of the program, the incubation stage.

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs and startup owners in the space sector locally and globally who serve the Kingdom's aspirations in the sector.





صفر اثنان


Training Camp Journey


15-22 نوفمبر


Final thoughts

Training and guidance



Application requirements

Committing to attending for 21 days virtually.

Owner of a comprehensive entrepreneurial project or idea

Desire and ability to turn the idea into a startup inside the kingdom

Commitment to developing and presenting the idea according to the specified standards


Opportunity to apply for the space entrepreneurship incubator

Prizes totaling 100,000 riyals

Coaching and guidance sessions with specialized global experts

Participation certificate in the program

More than 50 hours of training

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the participant need to be inside the kingdom?

Does the participant have to be an existing project owner?

Should the participant have a commercial record?

Do we need a practical prototype before submitting?

What platforms are used to deliver the training camp?

Space entrepreneurship program

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Space entrepreneurship program

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